Hana Shahnavaz

"I will always call my art collaboration between myself and the Earth; in working with the Earth, there is an element of suspense and excitement about what will emerge, resulting in a wilder, more exciting and organic painting. Using pigments that are found throughout the world, connects me to the Earth and reminds me I am part of the Whole while showing me how abundant and loving the natural world is. When I paint with these pigments, I see stories, journeys and life in the paint. The stories of the Earth feed into the painting, and it all becomes one organic world dialogue.


The beauty never ceases to amaze me, and it feels like a blessing to be able to witness it and work with it. Just holding a dazzling rock of raw malachite in my hands inspires a sense of awe at how amazing the Earth is, how it can create such beauty that man cannot. This, in turn, sparks a desire for me to respect the Earth and nurture her, reminding me also that I am merely a passing visitor, a guest of the Earth, and not a possessor. It is a genuinely humbling experience, which not only roots me but also heals and expands the spritual centre of the heart. The Earth will always remain my first and last teacher.

I am fascinated by all pigments: different earths in their raw form as well as alchemical pigments - pigments that have gone through a transformative journey from one substance into another. Having access to an abundance of interesting pigments allows me to explore different vibrations of colour, and more specifically, the expansive healing energies of colour. For me, it is all about inclusivity, broadening the mind and exploring spontaneous artistic expression, rather than just restricting and forming rules that hinder and exclude possible creative endeavours.


My use of detail is a celebration of everything, no matter how small. Now more than ever is the time to enjoy and revive the feeling of sacredness being present in all things, to become reconnected to the Source and to see the magic in the smallest of things. Nothing is irrelevant. Everything has its purpose. Everything should be celebrated.


I aim to create beautiful visual work that is uplifting for the heart and soul. Ultimately, it is nature that inspires me; it is where the pulse and heartbeat of the Divine emanate in such a pure and potent form, and it provides me with the most comfort and peace in this life. Hopefully, my paintings can help facilitate a sense of reconnecting with nature, and in turn, our Selves, so we can further work towards building a sense of togetherness."