START Art Fair 2019: Saatchi Gallery London UK

26 - 29 September 2019
Press release

Hana Louise Shahnavaz is a British-Iranian painter based in London; known for her vibrant largescale miniature paintings that are characterised by an abundance of exquisite detail. Her colourful palette of pigments is made from semi-precious stones, plants and earth as well as 24ct gold, giving her work a jewel-like quality. Hana’s work is a celebration of the natural world and, being inspired by Persian art and literature, opens portals into classical and folk traditions, which are imbued with poetry and esoteric teachings. These are then brought to life by Hana in mesmerising and engaging works that charm the viewer and invite them into the profound ancient stories they tell.

“In working with the Earth there is always an element of suspense and excitement about what will emerge, resulting in a wilder, more interesting and organic painting. Using pigments that are found throughout the world, connects me to the Earth and reminds me I am part of the Whole, whilst showing me how abundant and loving the natural world is. When I paint with these pigments I see stories, journeys and life in the paint. The stories of the Earth feed into the painting and it all becomes one organic world dialogue.

My use of detail is a celebration of everything, no matter how small. Now more than ever is the time to enjoy and revive the feeling of sacredness being present in all things; to become reconnected to the Source. Hopefully my paintings can help facilitate a sense of re-connecting with Nature, and in turn our Selves, so we can further work towards building a sense of togetherness.”