BBC Persian - Tamasha (with English subtitle)

August 16, 2020

"Beauty does not need to be empty. It can be something profound. I don't feel the need to show something ugly or scary or sad. We see many dark things in this world... I think right now in the world we also need to see a little beauty. We can speak about very important subjects through beauty."

Hana Shahnavaz is a British-Iranian artist based in London, UK. Best known for her vibrant large-scale paintings that are characterised by an abundance of exquisite detail, her work explores the connection of the individual to the Whole. Inspired by Persian miniature painting, her intricately painted scenes of nature aim to honour the Divine Mother as well as our precious connection to her. The signature horse prevalent throughout Hana's work symbolises a unity between Earth and Spirit, humanity and nature, between rooted peace and ecstatic wildness - feet on the ground, head in the sky; through loving and connecting deeply with the Earth, individuals can start to tap into the universal consciousness and then begin to navigate their way back to 'Oneness'.